January 2020: Broadening Participation in STEM Through Community Engagement

This month’s theme focuses on ways that community engagement can support broadening of participation in STEM. We have selected 10 Video presentations that represent three different strategies: 1) students engaging in STEM authentic community problems, 2) intergenerational learning experiences, and 3) students learning about themselves as part of their communities. The resources and blog post set the stage, the expert panel, moderated by Dr. Megan Bang, explores the impact of these different strategies. You are all invited to join the discussion.

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Broadening Participation in STEM Through Community Engagement

JAN 13, 2020 at 01:30PM (Eastern Time)

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Related Resources

Author(s): Aloisio, Johnson, Lewis, Clark, Munshi-South, Roberts, Wasserman, Heimlich, and Tingley
Publication: Journal of Urban Ecology (Nov 2018)

"Utilizing a near-peer, relational mentoring model, we argue that pre-college urban ecology research mentoring provides a place-based, authentic research experience that strengthens URM science identity and intent to pursue ecology-related majors."

Author(s): Wilson, et al.
Publication: ICBOs blog (Jan 2019)

"This workbook helps community-based organizations navigate partnerships with science institutions to better implement informal science education projects in underserved communities."

Author(s): Wilson, et al.
Publication: ICBOs blog (Sep 2018)

"This workbook is a product of research conducted by community- based organizations and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology over three years, focused on how to create equitable partnerships between informal science institutions and community-based organizations in underrepresented communities."

Author(s): Bang, Faber, Gurneau, Marin & Soto
Publication: Mind, Culture, and Activity (Nov 2015)

"Drawing from our experiences in community based design research, we argue for cultivating axiological innovations in research and interventions. We explore... critical historicity, inter-generational learning, and strategic transformations of institutional relations."

Author(s): Tzou, et al.
Publication: Reconceptualizing Libraries (Jan 2019)

Read this chapter about TechTales -- a multi-institutional design-based research initiative.

Author(s): Tzou, et. al.
Publication: Cognition and Instruction (Jun 2019)

This article presents findings from TechTales, a participatory design research (PDR) project where learning scientists, public library staff members, informal science educators, and staff members from Native-American-serving organizations collaborated to design a family-based robotics workshop that was grounded in storytelling.

Author(s): Darling-Hammond, et. al.
Publication: Applied Developmental Science (Feb 2019)

"This article draws out the implications for school and classroom practices of an emerging consensus about the science of learning and development, outlined in a recent synthesis of the research."