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The STEM for All Multiplex and the related STEM for All Video Showcases were created by TERC and funded by the NSF. As our funding has ended, we have converted these platforms to static sites that preserve access to all videos, discussions, themes, and playlists. We invite you to continue to view and share the rich repository of innovative, federally funded, work to broaden participation and to improve STEM learning.

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Over 1600 short videos showcasing federally funded projects aimed at transforming Science, Mathematics, Technology, Engineering, and Computer Science teaching and learning. Use the filters to find and share video presentations of interest to you. Also, check out the curated playlists!

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Since January 2020 the STEM for All Multiplex has hosted 24 Themes of the Month focused on different topics of interest in STEM education research. Each Theme includes an intro blog, expert webinar panel, playlist of related videos, discussion, resources, and synthesis brief.