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Critical STEM + C Futures: Re-Imagining Equity Paths for the Next Generation of Maker Teaching and Learning

Recent developments in computing and bio technologies have had unprecedented impacts on contemporary education—broadening participation and spurring innovation pipelines. In addition, the Maker movement appears to be a promising space and theoretical vantage point to explore teaching and learning in areas where creativity, personal interests, and production are central parts of engagement. Last, recent scholarship has rightfully problematized the risks that emerge when issues of equity are not emphasized at the forefront of learning experience designs. This session will explore these issues in the context of next-generation technology-driven making, to identify paths in future research and practice that might support productive and critical assessments of technology, increasing the collective impact on teaching and learning. New Blog! >>

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November Theme of the Month:
Re-Imagining Equity Paths for the Next Generation of Maker Teaching and Learning


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