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June: Integrating CS and Computational Thinking in the Pre K-8 Grades

Computer science (CS) and computational thinking (CT) is growing in popularity across K-12 schools. Teachers in the elementary grades, in particular, are looking at ways to integrate CS/CT into the core subjects. This month, we will explore the opportunities and challenges of bringing these concepts to primary grades education. This theme will explore four intersecting topics: 1) the case for CS/CT in K-8 as a means of building a foundation of knowledge and broadening participation in CS education; 2) how students are being equitably engaged and what are they learning; 3) how teachers are being prepared and supported; and 4) the role of state and national policies in promoting CS/CT education in the elementary and middle school grades. Read the Resources, View the Videos, Watch the Webinar Recording, and Join the Discussion! NEW: Synthesis Brief

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