Playlist: Partnering Culturally Responsive Teaching and Place-Based Science Education

This playlist is created for the September 2021 Theme of the Month.


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Public Discussion
  • Icon for: Anna Lees

    Anna Lees

    September 9, 2021 | 09:17 p.m.

    What aspects of land education are driving your work and how are you engaging this with community? What has been exciting in your developments and/or what challenges are you continuing to work through?

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  • Icon for: Abdelfattah Jabrane

    Abdelfattah Jabrane

    September 10, 2021 | 02:29 p.m.

     Good job. The data of district like ecomical industrial or cultural must be shared in a plateforme for school use. So teacher can find easily what they need. Reducing time to go search in google or doing local visit to gather informations that sometimes not free.

    I think that this will boost learner enthousiasm and curiosity and improve their academical achievement.

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  • Icon for: Roberta Hunter

    Roberta Hunter

    September 10, 2021 | 03:40 p.m.

    What a great panel and discussion! I liked Anna's point about making the boundary between research and practice more permeable. How do we go about more collaborative teaching and learning that honors culture and place?

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