October Expert Panel: Identity Development and STEM Learning

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Recorded on October 27th at 4pm EDT.


Description: Connecting STEM learning to identity development is an equity issue with implications about how we engage with nondominant groups and STEM, what shape STEM learning takes if we do, and how we engage in STEM learning that helps imagine more just and thriving futures. This Theme of the Month is a collaboration between the STEM for All Multiplex and CAISE, the Resource Center for the AISL Program.






Dr. Sasha Palmquist is the Senior Manager of Community at CAISE. In this role, Sasha curates CAISE’s community engagement efforts, particularly with NSF AISL Principal Investigators and project teams, co-develops new online resources, and supports overall project management. Sasha completed MS and PhD degrees in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and produced research that explored the impact of young children’s interest and knowledge on family learning conversations in museums.




Dr. Heidi Carlone is the Hooks Distinguished Professor of STEM Education at University of North Carolina Greensboro. She works to make science and engineering (STEM) pathways more accessible and equitable for historically underserved and underrepresented populations. Her research explores the ways in which innovative K-12 instruction can cultivate STEM identities for diverse youth, approaches to the sustainable enrichment of STEM learning ecologies (support systems) and strategies for designing professional learning networks to support, nurture, and celebrate rigorous and equitable STEM teaching.
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Dr. Nichole Pinkard is an Associate Professor in the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University. She is the founder of Digital Youth Network, co-founder of Inquirium LLC and Remix Learning, home of iRemix, a social learning platform that connects youth’s learning opportunities in school, home, and beyond.Through collaborations with city agencies (e.g. YOUmedia with the Chicago Public Library, and City of Learning with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel), Pinkard and DYN’s work has ignited new models for reimagining, visualizing, and documenting learning across spaces through the creation of existence proofs in urban contexts.
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Dr. Zahra Hazari is a Professor of Science Education in the Department of Teaching & Learning and the STEM Transformation Institute at Florida International University. Her research focuses on reforming physics learning environments in an effort to improve critical educational outcomes for historically underrepresented groups in physics, particularly women. Dr. Hazari’s work centers on physics identity development, a framework which has provided critical insight on students’ persistence in physics and physics-related disciplines such as engineering.


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Carrie Tzou is a professor of science education and the Director of the Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal at the University of Washington Bothell. Her work applies sociocultural theories of learning to research and design new ways of engaging nondominant learners and their families in STEM learning that works towards more just and sustainable futures.
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