March Expert Panel: Developing Youth STEM Change Makers

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Description: Come join as we explore how youth can be actively engaged as STEM change makers, advancing DEI and social justice while addressing critical STEM challenges. In this interactive webinar, we will explore the challenges, the benefits, and the impact of such exemplar programs and lessons learned for those interested in designing such efforts. We will hear from the leaders of four such efforts, as well as from some of the youth change agents who took part. Don't miss it!





Jim Callahan

Jim Callahan is both a leader and practitioner in STEM education and engineering. With 24 years of experience, he remains a specialist in climate and STEM-based-action education. Being director of Mobile Climate Science Labs and co-founder of allows him to work simultaneously with and within: K-12 schools, museums, STEM festivals, mass scale community STEM events, universities, STEM professional institutions, and as a mentor to very diverse multi-generational teams which include incredibly dedicated young people. His closest colleagues (ages 12-100) are in California and the DC metro area. He is proud to promote the CLEAN Network and to take part in the programs of the STEM for All Video Showcase. >> View Jim Callahan's Video


Kelly Greene

Kelly Greene is the Chief Operating Officer of SciTech Institute, the statewide STEM Learning Ecosystem for Arizona. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing and promoting STEM awareness, she leads the key initiatives to achieve growth, including the international Chief Science Officers (CSO) Program. CSOs focus on amplifying student voice by bringing their peers and community leaders together to ignite new opportunities in STEM through action plans. The global network of young leaders continues to grow in 15 regions around the world. >> View Kelly Greene's Video

Kevin Cuff

Kevin Cuff is the Director of the East Bay Academy for Young Scientists (EBAYS), an educational research program based at the UC Berkeley - Lawrence Hall of Science. His team designs and assesses outreach programs that operate in low-income communities, and communities of color throughout the Bay Area. The mission of EBAYS is to provide opportunities for teens to increase their understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and also to increase their awareness of how useful science can be as a community problem-solving set of approaches. For many years, EBAYS has engaged youth in quantifying air, water, and soil pollution in their community, and using the resulting data to enact change. >> View Kevin Cuff's Video

Mike Barnett

Mike Barnett is a Professor of Science Education and Technology in the Lynch School of Education and Human Development at Boston College. His research and development team is focused on the design of trans-disciplinary learning environments for youth that cut across both in and out of school time learning environments where youth are engaged in solving social justice issues that matter to them. He is a PI and Co-PI of several National Science Foundation, USDA, and Foundation awards and has been recognized as the Massachusetts professor of the year for his community-focused research and design efforts. >> View Mike Barnett's Video


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