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Project RESET: Refugee Youth Engaging in Critical STEM Literacy and Learning

NSF Awards: 1612688

2017 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 9-12

This video features an afterschool program that engages resettled Burmese refugee youth in a STEM project. Most youth participants in our project have left their home in Chin State in Myanmar/Burma and lived in the United States for between a few months to ten years. Throughout a school year, we meet once a week after school to talk and learn about weather, climate, climate change, and its impact on our lives. At the conclusion of the project, the youth create a short video to communicate their knowledge about climate change, inform other people, and persuade others to take actions. Various multimodal activities, such as lab experimentation, discussion, poster presentation, and vlogging, facilitate this sense-making and communication process. These multimodal activities are mostly conducted in multiple languages as the participants speak multiple languages (including English) and constantly switch between them. In this video, we present snippets of the participants' engagement in our activities, their stories, and videos created by the participants. Through this video presentation, we hope to demonstrate how we collaboratively create spaces for sharing ideas and building relationships in multiple languages, reconstructing identities, and planning for future actions. 

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