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Novel Engineering

NSF Awards: 1020243

2017 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6, Grades 6-8

Novel Engineering (NE) is an integrated approach to teaching engineering and literacy. As part of NE, students develop projects based on texts they read in English Language Arts or other content classes, such as history. The characters become their clients and students pull from the text to scope problems and set constraints as they engage in engineering design. Teachers play a pivotal role in supporting their students’ engagement by providing a supportive, responsive environment that will allow students to build on their ideas as they work on complex problems. Instead of prescribing a particular solution or process for students, we believe that teaching engineering involves listening to, understanding, and responding to student thinking. Design is about realizing the ideas of individuals and Novel Engineering gives students the space to explore their ideas through design projects.

Novel Engineering Challenges is a new project that we recently launched. We recognize that not all classroom teachers have the time and resources to develop a NE Curriculum. Novel Engineering Challenges provides teachers with a new book every few months that they can read to their classroom and gives guidelines on how to effectively implement engineering projects. Teachers and students can share their work on NovelEngineeringChallenges.org with people around the world. 

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