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Developing Teaching Expertise in K-5 Mathematics

NSF Awards: 1118745

2017 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6, Adult learners

How might professional development (PD) be designed to help elementary mathematics teachers develop knowledge and skills that are usable in practice? This is a key question that has motivated and guided the work of the Dev-TE@M project to explore an approach to designing PD that specifically aims to develop the knowledge and skills needed for teaching. In particular, we have been developing and testing online PD modules that integrate four core elements of professional learning for mathematics teachers:

  • Mathematics geared to the demands of teaching
  • Teaching practices for diverse classrooms and contexts
  • Student thinking about mathematics
  • Protocols for systematically learning from and improving teaching

The project has developed three online modules comprising materials for running PD sessions with teachers. The modules feature video of expert mathematics teacher educators working with elementary teachers in PD settings – as well videos of classroom teachers and researchers working with K-5 students on mathematics.

There are also a robust set of resources to support the work and learning of PD facilitators – including detailed session plans, formative practice-based assessments to help gauge teachers’ learning, and between-session activities to help teachers make connections between their PD sessions and their work with students. Web-based technologies have been developed to support the use of the modules in diverse settings – as well as to enable facilitators and teachers to study and discuss classroom records of practice together. These modules have been piloted tested in more than 15 states with more than 725 teachers with promising outcomes.

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