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Next Generation Preschool Science: An Innovative Program to Facilitate Young ...

NSF Awards: 1316550

2017 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6

Public media producers at WGBH and educational researchers at SRI Education and EDC have partnered together to contribute to the research base for early learning with technology, and specifically for STEM learning. Next Generation Preschool Science (NGPS) is the team’s latest NSF-funded research and development project, which has the goal of promoting preschoolers’ (ages 3-5) understanding of science concepts and engagement in science practices and discourse.

Under this grant, the NGPS team has developed three curricular supplement units: plants, ramps, and shadows, each with a set of hands-on activities (including learning centers, snack time, and read-aloud books), a suite of apps, lesson plans, and teacher supports. Now known to the world as Early Science with Nico & Nor, the suite of apps, the teacher's guide, and all activities are available for free out of WGBH's First 8 Studios.

The Nico & Nor science journal apps are designed for teachers and children to use together to document, analyze, and manipulate data. For example children and teachers can document a plant’s growth over time, record slow-motion video of objects rolling down ramps, and photograph shadows in their own world. Nico & Nor also offer simulation and game apps that allow children to observe what affects plant growth, design experiments with ramps and coconuts, and play with light sources and objects to explore shadows.

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