1. Steve Kahn
  3. Wayne State University, Cleveland State University, Math Corps
  1. Christopher Nazelli
  2. Senior Lecturer
  4. Wayne State University

Developing and studying the replication of Math Corps, an out-of-school-time ...

NSF Awards: 1612400

2017 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12, Undergraduate, Informal / multi-age

For more than 100,000 children in Detroit, a typical school day consists of having to walk through a metal detector just to enter a failing school. The Math Corps, founded in 1992 as a purely humanitarian  effort to simply “do something” to help Detroit kids, has today become a powerful mathematics enrichment and mentoring program based on the simple philosophy that everything begins with loving and believing in kids.  Operating a six-week summer camp and Saturday programs, the Math Corps seeks to help as many students as possible graduate high school, fully prepared to go on to college or other rewarding post-secondary endeavors, and confident in their own abilities to build good and decent lives for themselves and others. 

Over a period of 25 years, the Math Corps has developed a unique set of strategies and practices that provide every child with a second family and a caring and supportive community.  The Math Corps’ own revolutionary k-12 math curriculum has consistently produced outstanding results.   Summer test scores typically increase, in six weeks, from 30% to 90%.  Students who have participated in the Math Corps for at least three summers have an average ACT math score of 21, significantly higher than Detroit’s average.  Since 1995, best estimates show that about 90% of Math Corps students go on to college or the military.

Thanks to a 4-year NSF grant, the Math Corps will now study and implement its replication beyond Detroit- starting with Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Utica, NY.

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