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Learning Labs: Using Videos, Exemplary STEM Instruction & Online Teacher Coll...

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2017 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6

Learning Labs is a Research and Development DRK-12 proposal to design, test, and build an innovative series of professional learning resources and tools for elementary science and mathematics teachers. The templates created in this project will be ready for K-5 content. This particular project will build out K-2 content. The project will produce two science and two mathematics Learning Labs, one each on modeling and argumentation. 

Learning Labs serve as an online model for powerful professional learning, discourse and reflection. Communities of teachers learn from video vignettes of effective teachers, peer-critique colleagues’ videos of classroom implementations of new instructional strategies, collaboratively share and discuss resultant student work, and reflect on lessons learned – all asynchronously.

There are three Development Goals for the project:

  1. Develop an on-line professional development model that is scalable and aligned with standards of M-CCSS and NGSS.
  2. Create high quality videos, resources and on-line curriculum that assist K-2 teachers in implementing M-CCSS and NGSS standards shifts.
  3. Complete a tool for valid measurement of teacher vision, including noticing and reasoning related to essential behaviors for STEM standards attainment.

The three Research Goals reflect intent to:

  1. Test conjectures of the use of high-quality, instructional videos to expand teachers’ capacity to use similar strategies in their own classrooms.
  2. Analyze the evidentiary warrant of teachers’ work as they strive to meet the demands of new standards.
  3. Analyze the use of focused, facilitated professional discourse among groups of on-line teacher participants.
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