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Pepperdine University, New York Hall of Science

Research on an International Network for STEM Media Making and Student Led Pa...

NSF Awards: 1612824

2017 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12, Undergraduate

This Research in Service to Practice project, funded by the Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL) program, is a collaboration of Pepperdine University and the New York Hall of Science.  It has established a network of STEM-related Media Making Clubs comprised of after-school students aged 12 - 19 and teachers in the U.S. and in three other countries: Kenya, Namibia and Finland. The media produced by the students primarily involve videos in its first year, and will include a range of formats such as videos, short subject films, games, computer programs and specialized applications like interactive books. The content of the media produced by the students focuses on the illustration and teaching of STEM topics, where the shared media is intended to help other students become enthused about and learn the science. This proposal builds on previous work on localized media clubs by now creating an international network in which after-school students and teachers will collaborate at a distance with other clubs. 

The central research questions for the project pertain to three themes at the intersection of learning, culture and collaboration: the impact of participatory teaching, virtual networks, and intercultural, global competence. The research will combine qualitative, cross-cultural and big data methods. Critical to the innovation of the project, the research team is also developing a network assessment tool by adapting epistemic network analysis methods to the needs of this initiative.

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