1. Mark Griep
  2. http://chemweb.unl.edu/griep/
  3. Associate Professo
  5. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska Indian Community College, Little Priest Tribal College
  1. Beverly DeVore-Wedding
  3. Nebraska Indian Community College, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  1. Hank Miller
  2. http://www.thenicc.edu/index.php/en/faculty-staff/faculty-contacts?view=employee&id=30
  3. Math & Science Division Head
  5. Nebraska Indian Community College
  1. Janyce Woodard
  3. Little Priest Tribal College

Framing the Chemistry Curriculum

NSF Awards: 1348382

2017 (see original presentation & discussion)


The Sharing Cycle of Science Learning is a collaboration between Nebraska Indian Community College, Little Priest Tribal College, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It is now in its fourth year of funding. It is a cycle with four parts, each of which is designed to engage students in discussions about the ties between their communities and the science taught in their tribal colleges. The cycle begins with the LPTC/NICC Joint Advisory Board. The Board meets once a year to generate and manage a list of Community Topics and to review the previous year’s activities. In the second part, the Chemistry-Community Topics Group identifies scientifically measurable parameters that are found in the Community Topics. The goal is to find materials and measurements that are important to life in the community. In the third part of the cycle, the course is taught collaboratively at the two tribal colleges. Each laboratory experience begins with a discussion about its connection to the community. The fourth part is dissemination in the form of an annual faculty meeting to review progress and set goals for the next year but also to share what we've learned with others through publications and other outreach. The cycle repeats every year with a focus on iteratively improving the science courses so they are increasingly aligned with topics of community interest.

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