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Conceptual Model-based Problem Solving (COMPS): A Response to Intervention Pr...

NSF Awards: 1503451

2017 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6

The “Conceptual Model-based Problem Solving (COMPS): A Response to Intervention Program for Students with Learning Difficulties (LDs)” is an NSF funded project. This project is to create a cross-platform COMPS intervention program to address the burning needs of second- and third-grade students with LDs in meeting the challenging curriculum standards for Mathematics—particularly in the area of additive word problem solving. The objectives of this COMPS project include:

  1. Create the curriculum content and screen design for four modules of the COMPS program in the area of additive word problem solving (COMPS-A);
  2. Design and develop the cross-platform COMPS-A computer application that can be ported as web-based, iPad, Android, or windows app, which can run on different kind of computers and be accessible to students with various social economics status in a range of environment;
  3. Conduct field-test studies to evaluate the potential of the program in enhancing students’ word problem-solving performance.


This COMPS-A program represents a shift from traditional problem-solving instruction, which focuses on the choice of operation for solution, to a mathematical model-based problem-solving approach that emphasizes an understanding and representation of mathematical relations in algebraic equations and therefore promotes generalized problem-solving skills. This project is expected to make a broader impact due to (a) its emphasis on concept formation and additive reasoning and problem solving, which would benefit students with LDs as well as average or below average performing students, and (b) this tool’s flexibility with group or one-on-one instruction in and out of the classroom settings.

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