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Collaborative Research: An impact study to examine the efficacy of a mathemat...

NSF Awards: 1513155, 1513104

2017 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6

All Included in MathematicsExpansion & Dissemination (Project AIM-ED) expands the research and development of the 40-hour mathematics professional development (PD) program for elementary teachers developed in Project AIM.  Since 2010, North Carolina State University and Horizon Research, Inc. have successfully partnered with local school districts to develop, refine, and now expand and disseminate the Project AIM PD.  The AIM PD program was designed to adapt and use effective discourse-promoting strategies from literacy to support first and second grade teachers in implementing high-quality mathematics discourse in their classrooms.  The key idea underlying the PD is that all students, including English learners and early emergent communicators, are capable of engaging in high-quality mathematics discourse and need opportunities to do so to develop conceptual understanding in mathematics.  After four iterations of the program, and having worked with 16 facilitators and over 200 teachers, AIM-ED continues working to (1) adapt the program to a more transportable and scalable online environment; (2) expand the program to new partner districts; and (3) examine the impacts not only on teachers but also on students in the classrooms of AIM-ED participants.

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