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University of California, Los Angeles, LAUSD

MOBILIZE: Introduction to Data Science

NSF Awards: 0962919

2016 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 9-12

The Mobilize Introduction to Data Science (IDS) course is a dynamic, computation-based statistics and probability curriculum that teaches all students to think critically about and with data. During the yearlong course, IDS engages students with real data, introducing statistical, computational and graphical tools for reasoning about the world. IDS is a C-approved mathematics course in the University of California A-G Requirements. As a statistics course, successful completion of IDS validates Algebra II in California. IDS directly addresses the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for High School Statistics and Probability and Practices for Modeling.

IDS immediately engages students with real data, introducing statistical, computational, and graphical tools for reasoning about the world. Through IDS lessons, students function as researchers by making truly original discoveries about the world around them. Through collecting their own data using hand-held devices, and by examining data from formal sources, students learn to generate hypotheses, fit statistical and mathematical models to data, implement these models algorithmically, evaluate how well these models fit reality, and to think computationally while learning to program with data. IDS students learn how to work with Participatory Sensing (collecting data through their smart phones) and R, an open-source programming language that has long been the standard for academic statisticians and analysts in industry. Through R, implemented through the RStudio interface, students learn to code and to compute with data to develop graphical and numerical summaries to both communicate findings and to generate further exploration.

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