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SciGirls Strategies

NSF Awards: 1513060

2016 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 9-12

SciGirls Strategies: Gender Equitable Teaching Practices in Career and Technical Education Pathways for High School Girls is a three-year professional development initiative designed to help STEM and CTE educators recruit and retain more high school girls from diverse backgrounds in STEM pathways. The project seeks to enhance the teaching and coaching practices of CTE-STEM educators, guidance counselors and role models with gender equitable and culturally responsive strategies; research the impacts of strategies and role model experiences on girls’ interest in STEM careers and evaluate the effectiveness of the training in these strategies. Drawing on the research-based approaches proven to engage girls in STEM which form the foundation of its SciGirls multi-platform activities, Twin Cities PBS is partnering with STEM and gender equity researchers from St. Catherine University, the National Girls Collaborative and the Experiential Science Education Research Collaborative (XSci) at the University of Colorado-Boulder to create, implement, research and evaluate the strategies training and role model resources.

A diverse network of female STEM professionals are receiving training to serve as in-person role models and are being featured in SciGirls Profiles: Women in STEM, a series of twelve short-form videos. (View the full video collection at tpt.org/scigirls-profiles) These industry role models inspire and motivate girls by sharing their experiences, challenges and strategies for success. The featured video is a profile of Caroline, a software engineer who is passionate about using technology to create meaningful experiences for people.

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