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NSF Awards: 0733264, 1503311, 1513086

2016 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12, Undergraduate, Informal / multi-age

Geniverse is free, online, game-based software that engages students in exploring heredity and genetics by breeding and studying virtual dragons. Used by tens of thousands of students around the world, Geniverse opens up the possibility of genetics learning to students from middle school through higher education. In the process, it encourages student argumentation and inquiry-based learning. In the GeniConnect project, we are connecting afterschool students with biotech scientists from nearby firms, giving them a chance to play Geniverse side-by-side while also learning about what genetics looks like in the real world. In the GeniGUIDE project, we are adding an intelligent tutoring system to Geniverse, supporting students directly,​ but also relaying information in real time back to the most intelligent tutor in the room – the teacher – to help in crafting strategies for success. Geniverse has enabled thousands of teachers and students to see that, rather than being a topic learned by studying experiments from a textbook, genetics is an exciting and active, experiment-driven science.

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