1. Beth McGinnis-Cavanaugh
  2. http://teamthroughmywindow.org/about-our-project/who-are-we
  3. Professor, Principal Investigator
  5. Springfield Technical Community College, Smith College, Through My Window
  1. Isabel Huff
  2. http://teamthroughmywindow.org/about-our-project/who-are-we
  3. Program Outreach Coordinator
  5. Through My Window

Through My Window

NSF Awards: 1223460, 1223868

2016 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6, Grades 6-8, Informal / multi-age

Through My Window (www.throughmywindow.org, www.teamthroughmywindow.org) is an engineering curriculum for children in gr. 4-8 that applies emergent educational theories to learning about engineering in a dynamic, transmedia learning environment.

Designed to improve attitudes toward and understanding of engineering, Through My Window consists of three components: (1) a full-length young-adult STEM mystery novel called Talk to Me; (2) interactive online learning modules; and (3) offline enrichment activities.

Combining literacy and STEM, the Talk to Me novel frames engineering concepts such as artificial intelligence, engineering design, and engineering ethics in well-written story. Learners further explore these concepts in learning modules as they become part of the story in an online learning environment that fosters deep thinking about modern, relevant engineering topics. Interactive “ideas-on” enrichment activities support the novel and online modules to further enhance learning in offline settings. When completed, the curriculum will include a second novel called Following Sorrow and seven additional learning modules in engineering design, engineering ethics, bioengineering, sustainability, construction, flight, and knowledge building.

Through My Window allows learners to move beyond engineering stereotypes. Diverse, relatable characters with realistic personalities and body types engender emotional engagement and foster STEM identity for learners. A focus on engineering concepts in the context of ethical considerations and socially relevant processes appeals to all learners, particularly girls.

Successful in formal and informal settings nationwide, Through My Window helps children see that engineers are motivated by a desire to help society, develop STEM identity, and increase interest in becoming an engineer.

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