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Guppy Evolution Mobile App

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2016 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6

Evolution can be a challenging subject to explain to a child. But it is the cornerstone of the life sciences, and kids that have a general grasp of the subject are better prepared to learn about life on our planet.

Guppy Guppy Evolution is a storybook app that introduces children to evolution through an animated guppy fish named Gus. By tapping the screen kids can bring Gus and other creatures to life and hear what they have to say about the story of evolution in their stream. Videos accessed via the home screen explain foundational concepts and show how the humble guppy fish has helped us understand evolution. Parents and kids can also visit the Guppy Guppy Evolution website at guppyevolution.org to learn more about how scientists study guppies in their pursuit to expand what we know about evolution.

Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of resources available for parents to begin to expose their children to basic evolutionary concepts. The Guppy Guppy Evolution app, website, and videos were created to help fill this gap and serve as a launching point for parents to discuss evolution and the beauty of life on Earth with their children.

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