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CaravanLab, Wright State University, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Into the Rift: Journey to an African rift lake

NSF Awards: 1209914

2016 (see original presentation & discussion)

Informal / multi-age

Into the Rift takes you on a journey to Lake Tanganyika in the heart of the African Rift Valley. You’ll see some of the unique natural features of the lake and learn why the Tanganyikan ecosystem is important to the people who live near it. Like many other lakes around the world, Tanganyika is not immune to threats posed by humans. Fortunately scientists are working to better understand these threats, learning how we might protect Tanganyika and the valuable resources it provides to local people. Intro the Rift highlights these scientists and the research they conduct at Tanganyika, providing a window into what it is like to be a field biologist.

The Into the Rift experience is based on interactive video, enabling visitors to move through deeper layers of the story at the pace they choose, accessing additional multimedia-based information at key points in the narrative. In this way viewers can control their experience, choosing when to dive deeper into the story of Lake Tanganyika and the science taking place there.

Visit the website at IntoTheRift.org

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