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Empowering Teachers Through VideoReView

NSF Awards: 1415898

2016 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6

Empowering Teachers Through VideoReView situates professional learning in teachers’ day-to-day practice. Using advances in video analytic technology, teachers capture and study video from their classroom to gain insight into their students ideas and reasoning in science. Classroom video provides teachers with on-the-spot objective feedback that they share and discuss with their colleagues during study group meetings.

This work emerges from a need observed in classrooms, the need for teachers to have objective, ongoing, timely feedback from their classroom to better understand their students’ learning and their facilitation of that learning.

There is overwhelming agreement that professional learning is more effective when it is takes place in and from practice and with colleagues. However, current strategies for learning from classroom practice often require outside observers or coaches, and are difficult to coordinate, expensive and seldom frequent enough to have a sustained impact on student learning. Advances in video technology accompanied with current models of collegial learning hold promise for resolving this issue.

The VideoReView tool is an every-day teacher tool. It consists of a camera unit for collection of classroom video, and software to analyze, organize, and deliver an unprecedented granularity of detail about students’ science ideas and reasoning expressed during science discussions.

The VideoReView PD is sustained school-based, teacher-lead professional development. It is based on a Video Club model in which teachers select and share video “evidence” from their classroom as a basis for discussion of learning and teaching with colleagues.

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