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Mission HydroSci

Dept of Ed Award #: i3-U411C140081

2015 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 6-8

The MHS project seeks to design, develop and evaluate a game-based 3D virtual learning environment (3D VLE) for teaching and learning in blended or distance education. MHS targets middle school students in small and rural schools learning hydrologic systems and scientific argumentation. A four-cycle design and development process will include usability, usage, feasibility and pilot testing.
There are 5 project goals: 1) Develop a game-based 3D VLE for learning hydrologic systems and scientific argumentation. 2) Develop learning analytics system to provide in-game assessment and feedback to students and enable teacher monitoring and efficacy to intervene as needed. 3) Provide teacher professional development and support to ensure effective implementation. 4) Deliver and evaluate MHS in partner schools. And, 5) build new knowledge about game-based learning, analytics and teacher support for effective VLE. The project outcomes include increased student interest in technology and science, water systems and argumentation competencies, and meeting NGSS, as well as high levels of teacher efficacy.
The short video introduces viewers to the game-like context we anticipate developing for our learners and shows early prototypes of the virtual environment that the students will use to explore water systems and build capacity for scientific agumentation.

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