1. Gillian Puttick
  2. Principal Investigator
  4. TERC
  1. Brian Drayton
  2. Co-Principal Investigator
  4. TERC

Innovate to Mitigate

NSF Awards: 1316225

2015 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12

The project is researching student learning in a challenge for young people aged 13-18 that calls for mitigation of atmospheric greenhouse gases. The learning environment crosses the informal/formal educational boundary as students work in teams in and out of the classroom. Adding to the “ecosystem” of formal schooling, the project aims to provide evidence of how and what students learn from participation in such science competitions. In a pilot, teams of middle and high school students collaborated on projects that improved the efficiency of biochar creation, developed prototype “green roofs” for buses, and investigated ways to sequester oceanic carbon (see final presentations at http://innovatepilot.videohall.com). Interviews reveal that student teams self-organized to divide tasks, remained engaged and committed over months of project work, and used teachers, mentors, the project website and resources on the web to support their work. In the current second round, innovators have submitted 103 creative ideas for climate mitigation, half of which have qualified to submit a video and poster for judging in early summer 2015.

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    Quang Le

    Project Staff
    December 19, 2019 | 03:09 p.m.

    Hi Brian, have you done any follow-ups with the schools involved in your research to see how this project had shaped their students' education?

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