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Next Generation Preschool Math

NSF Awards: 1119118

2015 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6

Next Generation Preschool Math (NGPM) is an NSF-funded collaboration among researchers, media developers, and teachers that aims to develop preschool classroom activities and innovative tablet-based games to help preschool children learn sophisticated mathematics concepts crucial to early school success. This project addresses a critical need to develop quality early childhood mathematics curriculum, particularly for low-income students. NGPM is based on research that shows that (i) early mathematics learning is one of the most important predictors of later school success broadly across the curriculum; (ii) very young children are capable of learning sophisticated mathematics; (iii) technology can be used to help young children learn sophisticated mathematics; and (iv) most preschool children are exposed only to simplistic mathematics, such as counting and simple shape recognition.
This video will describe the NGPM project in terms of the iterative research and development process we engaged in and will showcase both the research conducted on the curriculum in preschool classrooms and the digital and non-digital activities that were generated throughout the project. Our findings suggest that when technology is integrated into preschool classrooms thoughtfully, utilizes existing classroom structures, and is accompanied by teacher professional development that integrates pedagogy, content learning, technology training, and activity implementation, teachers can effectively use the materials and young children can learn more mathematics than is typically taught in preschool.

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