1. James Shymansky
  2. Project Director
  4. University of Missouri St Louis
  2. Research Scientist
  4. University of Missouri St Louis

Teachers Helping Teachers Teach Inquiry Science: Just ASK

NSF Awards: 0733195

2015 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6

The ASK a Teacher project builds on 20+ years of four multi-year professional development projects that developed and researched a strategy to improve K-6 teachers┬╣ science content knowledge by showing teachers how to adapt science kit activities so that the science inquiries could also be used to enhance students┬╣ reading and writing skills. The outgrowth of the projects is a website (http://justaskateacher.com) that opened in 2013 and now contains 73 lesson plans and annotated videos of ASK lessons. The 73 lesson plans and videos were generated exclusively with distance technologies. The full lesson videos and the edited lesson vignettes with inserted teacher commentaries were all produced using remotely controlled video technologies that facilitate synchronous video and audio interactions. In its first 24 months of access, teachers from 575 schools and teacher educators from 192 colleges visited the website more than 18,000 times to view or download lesson plans and videos. The ASK a Teacher project is entering a new phase designed to (1) increase the number of teachers contributing lessons in order to capture a broader range of lessons and better represent a national perspective, (2) improve the value of the site as a professional development tool by incorporating commentary by science content experts, and (3) study the impact on the science content knowledge of teachers contributing ASK lessons, on teachers who visit the website, and on students of the teachers who visit the website. For more information go to http://justaskateacher.com or write to matthewscc@umsl.edu.

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