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SimScientist Assessments: Physical Science Links

NSF Awards: 1221614

2015 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 6-8

The SimScientists program is developing a multilevel assessment system for middle school science. This project will create formative and summative assessments and companion classroom reflection activities for four of the most widely taught topics in middle school physical science: Matter, Motion, Energy, and Waves. The project is in the design and development phase that includes feasibility studies of assessments for Energy and Waves, conducted in the classrooms of two teacher co-developers.
Validity of the assessments:
1. How well do the embedded, benchmark, and signature assessment tasks and items align with the Framework for K-12 Science Education, NGSS and state standards, and each other?
2. How well do assessment tasks and items meet standards for scientific accuracy, grade-level appropriateness, and task quality?
3. How well do the assessments meet technical standards for reliability and validity?
Classroom use of assessments:
4. Can teachers implement the assessments?
5. In what ways do teachers integrate the assessments into curricula to support learning?
6. Do teachers and students find the simulation-based assessments valuable for monitoring progress, adjusting instruction, and reporting?
7. Are students engaged in the assessments?
Policy implications:
8. Do the cross-validation studies of SimScientists assessments in multiple states support their appropriateness for testing the targeted science knowledge and practices across curricula and as components of a district or state science test?
9. Do state, county, and district representatives consider the simulation-based classroom and year-end assessments credible components of their state science assessment systems?

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