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R & D: Nurturing Multiplicative Reasoning in Students with Learning Disabilit...

NSF Awards: 0822296

2015 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6

As the outcome of a collaborative work that integrates research-based practices from mathematics education and special education, the researchers in this project have developed an intelligent tutor, PGBM-COMPS. The PGBM-COMPS intelligent tutor nurtures multiplicative reasoning and problem- solving ability of students with learning disabilities or difficulties in mathematics (LDM).
The PGBM-COMPS intelligent tutor draws on three research-based frameworks: a constructivist view of learning from mathematics education (Tzur et al., 2013; Steffe & D’Ambrosio, 1995), data (or statistical) learning from computer sciences (Cetintas, Si, Xin, & Hord, 2009), and Conceptual Model-based Problem Solving (COMPS, Xin, 2012) from special education.
The PGBM-COMPS tutor is made of two parts: (1) “Please Go Bring Me …” (PGBM) turn-taking games designed to nurture a learner’s construction of fundamental mathematical ideas in multiplicative reasoning; and (2) COMPS that emphasizes understanding and representation of mathematical relations, decontextualized from real-world problems, in algebraic equations. The PGBM-COMPS tutor generalizes the understanding of multiplicative reasoning to the level of mathematical models and therefore, it promotes generalized problem solving skills.
A series of studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of the PGBM-COMPS program. Findings from empirical studies have shown promising effect of the PGBM-COMPS program for students with LDM in particular.

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