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Diversifying Access to Urban Universities for Students in STEM Fields

NSF Awards: 1744446

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 9-12, Undergraduate

Lack of racial and ethnic diversity in STEM is a national problem.  For decades, precollege STEM programs have sought to address this problem by increasing access to critical STEM opportunities that foster engagement and support the development of high-level knowledge and skills in STEM for minoritized students.  While precollege programs have been successful in attracting and supporting ethnically and racially minoritized students, this has not led to increased diversity in undergraduate STEM programs.  Presently, precollege programs are not organized by a unifying body and do not generate comprehensive and standardized data on student competency gains that can inform admission decisions to provide more holistic views of students’ STEM experiences and aptitude and diversify student populations at urban research universities. This project designs a collective impact model to create pathways between pre-college STEM programs and college STEM admissions.


To make precollege STEM experiences relevant and meaningful to college admissions decisions, we have four interconnected aims.

Aim 1 draws on national literature and employs a local needs assessment to create stronger STEM pathways for urban communities.

Aim 2 develops a set of metrics termed the “STEM Success Matrix” that define competencies important for success in STEM fields. 

Aim 3 develops a set of tools that credential precollege programs based on their ability to grow students in the competencies identified in the STEM Success Matrix.

Aim 4 translates the products of the first 3 Aims into actionable change in admissions practices.


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