1. Timothy Fetting
  2. NTC Faculty, STEM Center Coordinator
  4. Northcentral Technical College
  1. Darren Ackley
  2. Vice President for Learning
  4. Northcentral Technical College

The EMMET Project

NSF Awards: 1639915

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12

Northcentral Technical College, in partnership with the University of Wisconsin Madison and the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, have been awarded a research grant from the National Science Foundation to develop informal learning activities utilizing a Mobile Maker Space (EMMET). The goal of this NSF Project is to create a sustainable Maker+Mentor cultural environment within the rural communities of north central Wisconsin. EMMET explores making through mobile emerging technologies, and to engage our rural communities in STEM+C learning, we utilize NTC’s existing mobile maker space to deliver a range of learning experiences and technological innovations that are not typically accessible to students throughout our rural communities. Our mobile maker space, EMMET, is set-up to perform 3 different tasks:

1) EMMET can provide an environment for exploration.  EMMET can attend your community events, library activities, fairs, home shows, church events, etc.  EMMET will be configured to provide short exposure activities designed to fuse exploration with STEM+C learning.

2) EMMET can provide skill building activities in an informal learning environment.  Using information from your community EMMET can be configured to provide skill building activities in STEM+C which includes craft activities with integrated electronics, designing, making and the use of more advanced technologies.  These skill building activities create Maker ready individuals.

3) EMMET can provide a Mobile Maker Space.  EMMET can be configured to bring multiple day Making activities.  NTC also has a STEM center where additional Maker activities can be held.  EMMET is designed to bring the joy of discovery and learning to your community.


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