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Synthesis and Design Workshop: Principles for the design of digitally-distrib...

NSF Awards: 1825076

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

Informal / multi-age

This four-day convening provided a forum to (1) exchange innovative ideas and share challenges and opportunities, (2) connect practical and research-based expertise and (3) form cross-institutional and cross-community partnerships. Participation-based activities included design-based participatory activities, demonstrations of works in progress, creative pitching, lightning talks, hands-on design activities, and an ‘unconference’ style synthesis of bold ideas. Participants experimented with distributed learning technologies. Focus areas for the workshop include (1) inclusivity of learning spaces that invite multiple perspectives and full participation, (2) documenting learning in ways that are linked to outcomes and impacts for all learners, (3) implementing the use of new technologies in diverse settings, such as the workforce, (4) interpersonal interactions and peer-to-peer learning that may encourage a STEM career-path, and, (5) collecting and analyzing data at the intersection of people, the learning environment, and new technologies at multiple levels. Outcomes of the convening serve to advance knowledge regarding critical gaps and opportunities for equitable STEM learning. The workshop culminated in a synthesis of design principles, assessment approaches, and tools that will be shared widely. Partnerships arising from this effort will pave the way for sustained efforts that span research and practice communities. Outcomes will address research and development of the next generation of digitally distributed learning environments.

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