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SPrEaD: Spreading the Geospatial Semester into New Territory

NSF Awards: 1759360, 1759371, 1759370

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 9-12

This project builds on the successful Geospatial Semester (GSS) high school course to explore how to infuse a powerful STEM tool into Career and Technical Education (CTE). The Geospatial Semester is a course for high school seniors, which focuses on developing geospatial problem-solving skills using state-of-the-art visualization software and applying those skills to extended local problems chosen by the students.

This project seeks to adapt and implement the successful GSS in a new context, primarily the Career and Technical Education program (CTE) in the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), and secondarily in other CPS content disciplines. Our goal is to examine whether, and how, the GSS can be adapted to meet the needs of large, urban school districts teaching a variety of content areas. This project focuses on groups currently underrepresented in STEM occupations with the goal of infusing GIS and spatial thinking as a STEM practice into the career pathways that these students are already pursuing. Our work builds on the core strengths of GSS by providing students with a robust introduction to GIS tools using ArcGIS Online and empowering students to conduct an independent spatial research project. Through design-based implementation research, we are working to customize the project supports around the specifics of each pathway and the unique needs of CPS CTE students.

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