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Understanding the Influence of a Social, Adaptive Robotic Learning Companion

NSF Awards: 1637809

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 6-8

Learning companions have the potential to provide not only cognitive support to learners but socio-emotional support through social behavior. Socio-emotional support can be a critical element to a learner’s success, influencing their self-efficacy and motivation. As a learning companion’s ability to be socially responsive increases, so do vital learning outcomes. In this video, we introduce Nico, a Nao teachable robotic learning companion that has potential to enhance motivation, self-efficacy, and learning. Middle school students who are novices in a domain learn by tutoring Nico in ratios and proportions. The Nao robotic learning companion is capable of different social, adaptive responses that have potential to engage learners, enhance social responses, and increase learning. With this companion, this project explores how different social behaviors can create positive STEM outcomes. A series of studies have been conducted in several middle schools in the southwestern United States, and positive effects on learning and social responses were found. This video describes Nico and the potential of social, teachable robotic companions for influencing motivation, enhancing learning, and increasing participation in STEM.

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