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Malate Dehydrogenase CUREs Community

NSF Awards: 1726932

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)


The Malate Dehydrogenase CUREs Community, supported by an NSF IUSE grant, has grown over its first 18 months, and now involves faculty from 16 diverse institutions ranging from research intensive institutions like the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, comprehensive universities such as Marshall University, primarily undergraduate institutions of various sizes including USD, HSC and Union College, Community Colleges such as North Hennepin CC and Southwestern CC, and a number of Minority serving Institutions like SFSU and UNM, teaching laboratory courses that serve over a thousand students each year and incorporate Course Based Undergraduate Research Experiences for both majors and non-majors. We are exploring aspects of CUREs that make them high impact teaching practices, including the impact of duration and scientific collaboration. The Community is creating resources to share with other institutions to promote further adoption of CURE based teaching and provides a supportive environment for faculty development, facilitating adoption of CURE approaches to laboratory teaching. All CUREs implemented by MCC contain the same elements: Scientific Background, Hypothesis Development, Proposal, Experiments/Teamwork to test hypothesis, Data Analysis and Conclusions, and Presentations.

The video, through a series of vignettes involving the various stake holders of the project will illustrate i) How involvement in the CUREs promotes student engagement and conceptual understanding, ii) The dimensions of CURE based activities and resources created by the community, iii) The pedagogical research questions being explored, and iv) The impact the community has had on both student outcomes and faculty involvement in its activities

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