1. Helen Boylan
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  3. Professor, Director of the Center for the Environment
  5. Westminster College
  1. Alison DuBois
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  3. Director of Graduate School, Associate Professor
  5. Westminster College
  1. Brian Petrus
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  3. Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator in the School of Business
  5. Westminster College

Environmental Project Management Academy

NSF Awards: 1712028

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)


Employers express concerns that STEM graduates, while proficient in their disciplines, lack the critical skills necessary for success in the workplace. In addition, many non-STEM majors do not develop basic scientific literacy that could help them succeed in the workplace. To address these needs, the investigators will design and test an interdisciplinary, project-based experience, the Environmental Project Management Academy (EPMA), in which sophomore and junior undergraduates pursuing either STEM or business majors will work together on a semester-long service learning project. The program will combine an existing 100-level environmental science course (Principles of Environmental Science) with a new 200-level project management course (Principles and Practices of Project Management) designed and taught by faculty in the School of Business. Through the EPMA, students will collaborate with community stakeholders as they integrate knowledge of environmental science and project management in a project involving environmental issues relevant to the region, such as solar energy, resource commercialization, and rain gardens. The EPMA will help develop business-competent, STEM-literate graduates with an understanding of significant environmental challenges as well as the interdisciplinary thinking and project management skills required to address them.

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