1. Teruni Lamberg
  2. http://www.optimizedlearning.net
  3. Associate Professor of Mathematics Education
  5. University of Nevada Reno
  1. Edward Keppelman
  2. Associater Professor
  4. University of Nevada Reno
  1. Peggy Lakey
  2. Mathematician
  4. University of Nevada Reno

Nevada Mathematics Project


2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6, Grades 6-8

Nevada Mathematics Project was a statewide initiative aimed at increasing teacher content and pedagogical content knowledge of the Common Core Standards. An innovative approach of STEM integration approach was used in the third year of the project. A design research approach was used to design and deliver professional development. The Context of science was used to support teacher learning of the Common Core standards. We also integrated research on gestures from the learning sciences — the project involved supporting the entire school system in Nevada. We impacted over 12, 600 students.  A statewide mathematics education partnership evolved. We partnered with six institutes of higher education. Our long-term goal is to transform Nevada and learn from that process. We designed studies to investigate the following topics: Institutional Context, Integrating STEM, Teachers Use of Curriculum, Formative Assessment, Teaching Domain Specific Topics in the Common Core, Whole Class Discussion Framework (Lamberg, 2012) and Gestures. We are currently analyzing data and generating publications. A list of publications and presentations are available at http://www.nevadamathproject.com. This project is funded through the U.S Department of Education and awarded by the Nevada Department of Education.

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