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  2. Executive Producer
  4. WGBH Educational Foundation, Education Development Center (EDC)
  1. Jessica Andrews
  2. Project Director
  4. WGBH Educational Foundation
  1. Heather Lavigne
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  3. Research Scientist
  5. Education Development Center (EDC)

Digital Media and Parent/Child Engagement Resources to Increase Preschool Com...

NSF Awards: 1114515

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6

Capitalizing on the power of story to teach foundational computational thinking (CT) concepts, WGBH and the Educational Development Center have undertaken research to answer the question: Can parent/child engagement with digital media and hands-on activities improve children’s early learning of computational thinking? The project team utilized an iterative research and design process with children and their parents to create media (animated and live-action video narratives) and hand-on activities (joint media engagement activities), while investigating how learning can be enriched and deepened through successive interactions. Following the creation of these resources, a experimental impact study is now being conducted using a mixed-methods approach to capture evidence on the extent to which these resources encourage the development of young children’s CT, as well as assessing parents’ comfort and interest in the subject.

Concurrent with this design-based research process, the project is working with the BUILD initiative to build on the infrastructure of state systems of early education and care and public broadcasters of two target states—Mississippi and Maryland—to develop a comprehensive workshop kit and a parent engagement toolkit, a 6-week program designed for parents to become fluid with integrating CT activities seamlessly throughout their children’s daily routines.

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