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Making the LEAP from transfer student to researcher

NSF Awards: 1644236

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)


In this video we highlight the LEAP Scholars Program, which is funded by a National Science Foundation S-STEM Award. The LEAP Scholars program is designed to provide low-income, high achieving community college transfer students in science with the opportunity to engage in undergraduate research at Arizona State University (ASU).  At ASU, transfer students are significantly less likely to engage in undergraduate research than their peers and cite the need to work a part-time or full time job as a major barrier.   In this two-year program students are provided with a $3000 scholarship for four consecutive semesters in order to offset the need to work a job so that they can spend more time engaging in undergraduate research.  In the first semester of the program, Learning about Research, students engage in a science education course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE) where they work on an authentic science education research project in order to strengthen their understanding of the process of science and to familiarize them with what they should expect when they enter a basic science research lab.  In the following three semesters- Entering Research, Advising Research, and Producing research- students join a basic-science research lab and concurrently take a course associated with the LEAP program to support them as they strive to maximize their experience as an undergraduate researcher.   Since fall 2018, the LEAP program has supported 20 undergraduate researchers.

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