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Developing Preservice Elementary Teachers' Ability to Facilitate Goal-Oriente...

NSF Awards: 1621344

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

Undergraduate, Adult learners

It is critically important to provide preservice teachers with learning opportunities for them to tryout novel instructional practices. In this video, we will describe how we are using an innovative tool – a simulated classroom environment made up of five upper elementary student avatars – and set of performance tasks to provide a practice-based learning space for preservice elementary teachers to learn how to engage in one ambitious teaching practice in science and mathematics: facilitating argumentation-focused discussions. This video showcases the potential impact of this research and development project from the perspective of those for whom these materials are designed – the preservice elementary teachers and the teacher educators they are working with.

This video will show preservice teachers facilitating discussions in the simulated classroom and working to engage the student avatars in argumentation. We will highlight the preservice teachers’ reflections about their experience and its impact on their evolving practice. Teacher educators who are engaged in integrating the use of these simulations in their science and math methods courses will also explain what they view as the affordances of the simulated classroom to help their preservice teachers learn. Finally, we will describe how we are studying the potential of simulations to impact preservice teachers’ ability to facilitate discussions in science and mathematics. Overall this video will spotlight the evolving partnership between researchers, teacher educators, and preservice teachers as we collectively work towards understanding how, under what conditions, and for what purposes simulations can be integrated productively into science and mathematics teacher education.

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