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Sustaining Responsive and Rigorous Teaching Based on Carbon TIME

NSF Awards: 1440988

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12

Carbon TIME is a research-practice partnership project providing an at-scale “proof of concept” test of what it takes to support districts, schools, teachers, and students - all with highly varying characteristics and resources - in achieving the goals of NGSS at middle and high school levels. We propose that three elements or “legs of the stool” are essential: (1) development of research-based, rigorous curriculum materials and assessments; (2) an integrated research-practice partnership with district and professional teacher support networks; and (3) a two-year program of teacher professional development implemented with successive cohorts. Through over ten years of iterative design-based implementation research, Carbon TIME has refined the three legs of the stool into a system for supporting three-dimensional teaching and learning of carbon-transforming processes including photosynthesis, biosynthesis, cellular respiration, and combustion. Results from three-dimensional assessments completed by tens of thousands of Carbon TIME students and thousands of comparison students demonstrate that Carbon TIME, unlike status quo efforts in the same curricular context, scaffolds students’ mastery of sophisticated, three-dimensional science performances around natural phenomena. Carbon TIME provides evidence that the goals of NGSS are achievable in districts and schools with diverse populations and resources. Though success is neither easy nor quick, Carbon TIME shows that with systematic and sustained investment in the three legs of the stool, all students can reach NGSS goals. Learn more by visiting our website (carbontime.bscs.org/) or by reading our recent article in volume 55, issue 7 of the Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

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