1. John Moore
  2. Executive Director
  4. Palmyra Cove, Institute for Earth Observations, Rowan University
  1. Peter Dorofy
  2. https://www.linkedin.com/in/peter-dorofy-b0465554/
  3. Director of Science and Technology
  5. Palmyra Cove, Institute for Earth Observations

Engaging in STEM Education with Big Data Analytics and Technologies: A Rowan-...

NSF Awards: 1610911

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12, Undergraduate, Informal / multi-age

"Engaging in STEM Education with Big Data Analytics and Technologies: A Rowan-Cove Initiative” focuses on the large amounts of data have become available across fields in science, industry, government. Big data analytics and technologies hold tremendous promise to boost economic productivity, enhance national security and improve the quality of life.

ACQUIRE: Acquiring satellite imagery and data sets are often difficult for teachers, students, and citizen scientists. HoloGLOBE was envisioned to be a “mixed reality” node where participants post and share their interpretations of satellite imagery along with their own field observations with other participants worldwide. Through Augmented Reality current satellite imagery and data sets can be viewed and investigated.

ANAYLZE: Traditional field experiences of making observations and measurements following established science protocols are used to create a database, which provides "ground-truth" data that can be compared to data/imagery gathered from space platforms as in the GLOBE Program’s Satellite Collaborations. The use of ImageJ and the creation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allowed for data to be viewed in a new way, and once again, developed transferable workforce readiness skills.

APPLY: STEM professionals are using satellite and remote sensing technologies to incorporate imagery, data, real-time observations, and modeling into daily decision making on a local to a global basis. GIS content is taught as a technical skill, and is used to develop "Geospatial Thinking" and the gathering of "Environmental Intelligence" to be used in problem-solving in multiple communities, and has become an integral component of data analysis and communication.

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