1. DeeDee Bennett
  2. Assistant Professor
  4. University at Albany
  1. Nnenia Campbell
  2. https://hazards.colorado.edu/biography/nnenia-campbell
  3. Research Associate
  5. University of Colorado Boulder
  1. Terri Norton
  2. https://www.bucknell.edu/academics/engineering-college-of/deans-office-staff/terri-norton
  3. Associate Dean and Associate Professor
  5. Bucknell University
  1. Olivia Vila
  2. PhD Student
  4. North Carolina State University

Minority SURGE Capacity in Disasters (SURGE)

NSF Awards: 1744479

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)


The Minority SURGE Capacity in Disasters (SURGE) launch pilot leverages STEM and Social Science minority scholars to solve complex problems faced in the aftermath of natural disasters through an interdisciplinary service-learning approach. Increasing STEM-focused minorities on hazards mitigation and disaster research areas will benefit society and contribute to the achievements of specific, desired societal outcomes following disasters. SURGE will provide the empirical research to identify substantial ways to increase the underrepresentation of minorities in STEM disciplines interested in hazards mitigation and disaster research. Increasing the involvement of qualified minorities will help solve the broader vulnerability concerns in these communities and help advance the body of knowledge through the diversity of thought and creative problem-solving in scholarship and practice. Utilizing workshops and a multifaceted mentorship program SURGE creates a new model that addresses the diversity concerns in both STEM and disaster fields, and make American communities more resilient following natural disasters. This project will be of interest to policymakers, educators, and the general public.

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