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Developing Innovative Privacy Learning Modules to Engage Students in Cybersec...

NSF Awards: 1712496, H98230-17-1-0229

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)


The importance of education on privacy  has been acknowledged by the ACM’s Computer Science Curriculum 2013. We have also seen the national workforce needs of cybersecurity professionals. We realized that although privacy related research has been intensively conducted with the support from several federal grant agencies, there is a lack of well-developed teaching materials particularly for younger generations. Some institutions are offering graduate level information privacy course which focuses on research paper study and is featured with students’ presentations. Such a teaching style won’t be effective for undergraduate students. Online privacy curriculum international computer science institute and UC Berkeley collaborated and developed some materials for educating students how to ensure their online privacy, but there is not sufficient hands-on learning activities for students. Therefore, we were motivated to develop engaging curriculum to better educate younger generations about privacy.


Our objectives include (1) design and develop self-contained privacy learning modules for existing and new courses; (2) design and develop effective hands-on labs on privacy breach and protection on various topics, including cutting-edge fields such as the social media, Internet of things (IoT), and big data; (3) with a special effort on developing engaging lab setting/labware, enable students to gain first-hand experience and understand how to solve real-world privacy problems; and (4) evaluate the effectiveness of the experiential learning approach on students’ learning outcomes, experience, motivation and attitudes towards privacy study.


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