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Mathematics Immersion for Secondary Teachers at Scale (MISTAS)

NSF Awards: 1719555

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

Adult learners

Mathematical Immersion for Secondary Teachers (MIST) is a professional development course designed to give mathematics teachers an opportunity to explore mathematics as learners.  Over the course of nine 2.5-hour sessions, teachers at a site work collaboratively on problems that build or deepen their own mathematical content knowledge.  They also engage in reflection and discussion of this experience and make connections to their teaching practices.  Through videoconferencing, each group of 4-7 teachers at one site connect with other sites across the country, building a community of learners and a network of colleagues.  

Built on the work of Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) and piloted online through eCMI, the mathematics in the course is structured in a unique way that builds understanding and formalization of ideas through exploration and collaboration and fun.  Enjoy!

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