1. Amanda Dickes
  2. Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  4. Harvard Graduate School of Education
  1. Karen Brennan
  2. http://scholar.harvard.edu/kbrennan
  3. Associate Professor of Education
  5. Harvard Graduate School of Education
  1. Shari Metcalf
  2. Senior Researcher
  4. Harvard Graduate School of Education

EcoMOD: Integrating Computational Thinking into Ecosystems Science Education ...

NSF Awards: 1639545

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6

Research in the field of technology-enhanced learning has argued for a broader scope of technology supported learning environments to include the design of activity systems which position students as active thinkers by reorganizing learning with technology around the practices of scholarly communities. In the context of elementary ecosystems science, this entails structuring classroom activity around the construction and evaluation of epistemic artifacts, such as scientific models and representations, that profitably direct learners’ conceptual efforts towards productive forms of inquiry and the construction of new scientific knowledge. To this end, we present EcoMOD, an elementary ecosystems science curriculum that blends an immersive virtual environment with an agent-based computational modeling tool to support growth in ecological knowledge, computing and scientific practice in learners aged eight to eleven years old.


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