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Design and Development: Fostering Graduate Student Professional Development T...

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2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

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The U-M BME Instructional Incubator and BME-in-Practice Sequence is an iterative instructional design sequence for graduate students, upper level undergraduates, post docs, and faculty.  In this experiential two semester program, teams are mentored through the instructional design process, learn about student learning theory and pedagogy, and pilot their courses.  In the fall term, participants interview stakeholders and learn about the current state of biomedical engineering in practice, including problems being solved, tools used, and expectations of new hires. Using this information and their understanding of pedagogy, teams jointly develop engaging 1-credit BME-In-Practices courses to meet the needs of the rapidly changing BME professional workforce. Teams are then given the opportunity to teach their BME-in-Practice courses (winter term), providing students and post docs the opportunity to gain a mentored teaching experience and mechanism for creating new 1st and 2nd year short courses.


The Incubator/BME-in-Practice Sequence exposes graduate students to post graduate professional opportunities typically not addressed in graduate school curriculum while developing their abilities to create curriculum informed by research-based practices.  This sequence meets the career development needs of current graduate students as instructors and non-academics, includes secondary benefits for undergraduates through informed instruction on engineering practice, and lays a foundation for long term institutionalization of professional development within the academic program.  To date, the sequence has been offered two times.  Seven 1-credit, hands-on-learning BME modules have been launched and enrolled over 70% women.

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