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MagLab Education and Outreach

NSF Awards: 1644779

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

Informal / multi-age

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab) is a National Science Foundation interdisciplinary large scale facility with more than 300 in-house staff and more than 1000 visiting scientists. Our research probes the fundamental questions about materials, energy and life. The MagLab also houses a team of experts in public outreach and science education to accomplish our mission of building the science workforce and expanding the public’s understanding of magnet science and foundational research. Every year the MagLab reaches more than 15,000 people in person and over a million through our website and social media platforms. These efforts will be presented in our video. Some highlights include our educational programs, such as our summer camps which focus on improving participating middle school youths’ science identity and our middle school mentorship which partners middle school students with scientists at the lab for a semester. We also have mentorship programs for K-12 teachers and undergraduates. These specific programs have a science education research component that focuses on changes in identity development as it relates to science during each program. In addition we have an annual Open House that reaches over 8,000 members of the general public. Our website includes interactive features and web content for all ages and audiences, including: the general public, K-12 students and parents, science enthusiasts, and policymakers.  

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