1. Kristin Searle
  2. Assistant Professor
  4. Utah State University
  1. Colby Tofel-Grehl
  2. Assistant Professor
  4. Utah State University

Project STITCH

NSF Awards: 1542801

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 9-12

STEM Teaching Integrating Textiles and Computing Holistically (STITCH) is a curriculum and professional development project designed to facilitate the development of a curricular approach to STEM content that integrates computer science (both hardware and software applications and development) into STEM curricular content to solve a range of authentic problems across disciplines in grades 6-11. The projects require students to program microprocessors to gather and process the data needed to answer a range of STEM associated questions related to concepts drawn from physics, chemistry, earth science, and life science. E-textiles incorporate elements of embedded computing for controlling the behavior of fabric artifacts. In contrast to conventional wires and breadboards, these artifacts are created using novel materials such as conductive fibers or conductive Velcro, sensors for light, sound, and pressure, and actuators such as LEDs and speakers, in addition to traditional aspects of fabric crafts. By sewing circuits using these materials to produce wearable items (e.g. tee-shirts, backpacks), students engage in designing solutions that are intellectually rigorous as well as culturally and personally meaningful.

The STITCH curriculum provides personally relevant context for learning foundational scientific concepts and the computer programming necessary to engage in data collection and analysis processes to solve real world problems aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards’ (NGSS) emphases on measurement and modeling as vehicles for engaging core concepts. 

Our video will showcase student collected and analyzed data using the STITCH Roller Coaster T-shirt to measure g force on real roller coasters in high school physics class.

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