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  4. Utah State University
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The E-STITCH Project (Elementary STEM Teaching Intergrating Technology Holist...

NSF Awards: 1758823

2019 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6

Elementary teachers often struggle to integrate across core content areas. With demands on their time and the associated professional ramifications of high stakes testing, teachers often struggle to develop project based learning activities that spark rich discussions around issues of equity and history.  This video presentation showcases curricular materials designed and researched in elementary classrooms across Utah that integrate social studies and science content with computing to develop human migration timelines and Abolitionist quilts. These projects allow students to explore the stories of minorities and women that is often absent from traditional history while learning about the content associated with the Next Generation Science Standards' focus on energy. By building computational circuits to present this content, elementary students also explore a range of content around computing and computational thinking. 

This video engages participants in the process of learning and modeling untold histories through Maker technologies by engaging students in electronic textile projects.  These materials have long occupied a "disruptive space" in the narrative of who access and engages with science learning.  By coupling novel materials, the E-STITCH (Elementary STEM Teaching Integrating Technology Holistically) Project explores the less told stories of American history while providing a novel entry point into STEM project work across early elementary classrooms. 

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