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Palm Beach State College

STEM Artist Learning by Doing

NSF Awards: 1501447

2018 (see original presentation & discussion)


As the human population continues to rise and technology becomes increasingly more integrated into society, learning by doing (hands-on) will embed deep-rooted skill sets, as well as, understanding of resources and the energy required to harvest or process those resources.

By nurturing creativity and offering -practical- project based opportunities, our students are discovering ways in which advanced technologies reflect a systems approach to sustainable and progressively into regenerative developments. Educators that incorporate hands-on learning can inspire and embed core values that connect students to their natural world as well as prosper economically and socially.

At Palm Beach State College-Electrical Power Technology & Engineering Technology AS degree programs, we are creating a new normal for STEM education. The opportunity to connect students with hands on labs and extra-curricular activities has demonstrated increased retention for completion as well as inspiration for new students interested in advanced technologies.

Hands-on learning is fundamental to the students’ deep-rooted knowledge and comprehension. Our values in sustainability and commitment to higher education begins with creativity and inspiration. As the youth transition into advanced learning, our goal is to combine student skillset dexterity with teamwork, safety and organization.

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